Why honor the cycle of the Moon?

By Kauakea Winston

For eons many cultures marked the passage of time by watching the lunar cycles of the moon. The moon is the link to the feminine, our deep seated intuition and connection to the earth. The moon passes through all twelve signs of the zodiac each month staying in each sign about 2 1/2 days. What is the significance of the moon in each sign? We hear the term often " the universe" and what it brings us, some refer to this term rather than the old image of "God" as the outdated authoritative white bearded old man in the sky image. In my experience I have noticed that watching the moon cycles is like surfing, you gotta watch the sets and be in the right place at the right time to catch the wave. Moon cycles are waves of energy from the 'universe' or 'god' or whatever term you prefer that signify an energy greater than yourself, which you can draw strength and courage to face this earthy karma. Paying attention and tuning in allows you to ride the wave of that energy with greater ease and grace. It brings us into alignment with the feminine principle and allows us to connect to the natural cyclical rhythm which our universe is continuously feeding us.

Each month when we experience the New Moon, it is the beginning cycle, the start of the month. The moon is called dark, as it is a bare sliver that begins to wax each night for the following two weeks until to reaches full moon. The sun as it changes signs around the 20th each month, will be in the same sign as the new moon and thus by honoring new moon, we also come into alignment with the suns energy at that time. The Sun is the yang and Moon yin, so each new moon we have 'the kiss', that new beginning which can be enhanced by setting intentions and wishes. Each zodiac sign as an archetype of energy brings with it an element of Fire `Passion ', Earth ' Grounded connection ', Air ' Inspired ideas and communication ' or Water ' Emotional flow '. By noticing which house in your natal chart the new moon falls under you can see which area of your life is being activated by that particular new moon.

New Moon gatherings are held each month on the day of the New Moon in Honoka’a on the Big Island at The Mermaid Lounge. We begin the evening with a beautiful candlelit setting, drink some warm or cold tea. Then I share the archetypal energy of the new moon and talk about the best it can bring to our lives as we open to the wave. I will lead a short meditation and then we write our intentions for that cycle. I point out to each participant which house the new moon falls in their chart and what theme is playing out. After taking some time to write, those who wish to share can. We close with a guided energetic meditation or some music. The evening lasts about two hours and most leave with a big smile and a warm heart. I have been holding new moon gatherings since January of 2009 to assist my community to better understand the illuminated energy of our expansive environment, our galaxy and to connect with one another to support our dreams.

Here are the dates of the new moon for the rest of 2016:

February 8th~ Monday ~ Aquarius ~ Chinese New Year ~Fire Monkey

March 8th ~ Tuesday ~ Pisces - Solar Eclipse

April 7 ~ Thursday ~ Aries

May 6 ~ Friday ~ Taurus

June 4~ Saturday ~ Gemini

July 4 ~ Monday ~ Cancer

August 2 ~ Tuesday ~ Leo

September 1 ~ Thursday ~ Virgo ~ Solar Eclipse

September 30 ~ Friday ~ Libra

October 30 ~ Sunday ~ Scorpio

November 29 ~ Tuesday~ Sagittarius

December 28 ~ Wednesday ~ Capricorn

 Acknowledging the New Moon cycle each month is a way to come into natural rhythm with the cyclical universe.  Come ride the new Moon wave!

Kauakea Winston has been an astrologer, healer and teacher at SacredpathHealing.com since 2004

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