Katy Cox

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Co-Retreat Leader & Yoga Instructor

Having been raised as a child on a Macrobiotic diet and a holistic approach to health, Katy’s personal journey to abundant wellness has been a life long practice. Since deciding to focus on Nutrition and Movement she has explored many dietary modalities, natural medicinal traditions and movement styles.

She has studied and continues to explore: Nutrition (Certified BANT Nutritional Therapist), Raw Food Alchemy (Certified Chef Trainer Living Light Culinary Institute California, USA) and Yoga, which has been one of her integral practices for the past 20 years. She holds over 500hrs of certified training in a range of yogic disciplines. She describes herself as a ‘plant whisperer' / nature junkie, and is most at home in a warm climate with bare feet, tending the soil.

Learn more about Katy at: www.everessencenutrition.com