Carly Gaffey

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Creative Director & Yoga Teacher

A New Hampshire native, Carly has been traveling and passionately sharing yoga as a certified teacher (RYT) since the fall of 2013. Since she was a kiddo, Carly has identified with a steadfast desire to facilitate healing in others. She is driven by the knowing that yoga is an incredible portal for healing, one that fosters an ability to have a more meaningful and peaceful relationship with ourselves and with each other.

Yoga first found Carly when she was spending a Summer in Costa Rica teaching English. While searching her host-family's book shelf for anything written in English to read, she stumbled across a book on yoga (Beryl Bender Birch, Power Yoga). That afternoon, her fascination with yoga began as she embodied her first Sun Salutation, and felt her soul shift. While first enamored by the incredible physical benefits of the practice, and the relief that the practice offered to her long-standing hip injuries, Carly soon noticed this capacity for healing traveling off the mat and deeply affecting other aspects of her life.

Carly fascination with yoga runs deep, having lead her to the Master of Arts in Yoga Studies program at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA. During her time at LMU, Carly also completed a year-long training and study in Yoga and Mindfulness for Social Change, taking special interest in the yoga’s capacity for fostering nonviolence. Her calling to share yoga has found her in a variety of communities, including two years with a women’s jail in LA, an Eco-Lodge in Nicaragua, and the beautiful nunnery community OM & Roam holds our annual Seva project.

Carly is known for her lighthearted and mindful style of teaching that encourages personal expression, interconnection, and freedom through movement.

Carly moved to Hawaii in October of 2016 to join the Om & Roam family as Creative Director.