Burma Love: Meditation Retreat Application

Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) - April 10 to April 18, 2020

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Please note:

  • This retreat is for female meditation practitioners.

  • This schedule will include several hours a day of seated meditation, meals seated on the floor, and gentle yoga asana. By applying, you acknowledge that you are physically able to participate.

  • This is not a silent retreat, but there will be opportunities for individuals to take vows of silence.

  • This meditation retreat is accompanying another group that will be teaching the yoga program. While we are joining the nunnery community as one large group, the meditation retreat will be following its own program.

  • We ask that all participants who are traveling internationally arrive in Yangon by the evening of April 8, 2020. This will allow important time for you to acclimate, rest, and become grounded before the retreat begins.

Please complete this form in one sitting, do not close this browser window until after your submission is confirmed (to assure your responses are saved and submitted successfully).

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(these guidelines will both be shared ahead of time, and covered upon arrival to the nunnery)
(Photography in this community is sensitive. All participants agree to refrain from photography, and will receive approved photos from the project manager following our departure)
The participant cost for this project is $700 USD. By checking the box below, you agree to this payment. *
A portion of each participant cost is offered to the nunnery as a donation. Other expenses covered by this fee include; shuttles to/from the nunnery, Om&Roam Shwedagon Pagoda excursion in Yangon, administration fees, project fees (including any unforeseen project expenses). *If you are interested in a payment plan, please contact carly@omandroam.com

Traveling To Myanmar (Burma)

Please consider the following when traveling to Myanmar (Burma), especially this time of year. All of these topics will be covered in depth upon joining the trip officially:

  • Tourist Visa:  All participants will be required to obtain a Tourist Visa, which allows for 28 days of travel. The Visa takes 3-5 business days (on average) to process once the application is completed and submitted, and costs ~$50USD. Click here for more Myanmar (Burma) Visa info

  • Vaccinations: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommendations for vaccinations and medications to consider when traveling to this country. We encourage each traveler to engage in their own research, consult their physician, and execute the healthcare plan that is best suited for them personally.

  • Weather: April is a very HOT time of year. Temperatures average between 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. We will be sleeping with AC units. The rooms that we will be teaching yoga are cooled by several fans. Power surges with the electricity are to be expected.

  • Thingyan: Our travel coincides with the Thingyan celebration. During Thingyan, many businesses shut down in observance of the holiday. This makes it especially important to have all travel details and plans, both before and after your time at the nunnery, carefully planned before arriving in country. We can offer some advisement on how best to prepare.

  • Timeline: We ask that each participant be able to arrive in Yangon at least 2 full days early, to allow for rest and adjustment to the time and climate. This means sleeping 2 nights in Yangon before we begin on April 10th. Allowing yourself the necessary time and and measures prior to your stay at the nunnery is crucial to both the yoga program and meditation program.