Panchamama & The Sacred Valley of Peru

By Founder, Marni Suu Reynolds

I heard the wild calling of Peru deep in my dreams.  It was a stirring so sacred within me that I was almost afraid to acknowledge it.  What was this special place in the Sacred Valley that called to my heart?  What was I searching for that only Peru could show me?  This ancient civilization, the Amazon, Shamans and cultural spiritual significance of this unique environment was beckoning me and I was ready to accept the call.  Within a couple of weeks, my dear friend Katy announced her women's retreat at The Source Peru and with one look at the place - I was hooked.  It took months of planning, saving and scheming my way across the ocean - but I knew I had to do it.  I'm sure many of you have had that type of spirit call or wanderlust - an activation within your own body and psyche that fosters it's way into your reality and all of a sudden you are moving your life in a new direction.  This was one of those moments for me.  I also knew that I wanted to offer Peru as a sacred retreat and I needed to experience it for myself.  I was in for one of the most transformational journey's I have every been on.  Believe me, I've been on many.  Peru is a dream, a land so grounded in energy and indigenous culture that your ability to blend into it's vibrant scenery is seamless.  With gracious smiles, scrumptious food and eye dropping landscape, its no wonder people travel to this sacred land.  I arrived in Cusco, which was a bustling metropolis filled with museums, gorgeous architecture and mouth-watering cuisine.  There is much to see and do in Cusco, I am excited to visit it again.  In the numerous markets and shops, I was able to find soft cozy Alpaca, antiques, ceremonial books and treasures at a Shaman shop, essential oils like Palo Santo, crystals and Maca.  I was also really excited to experience a lovely yoga session at Yoga House in Cusco.  Highly recommend it!    After a couple of days venturing and acclimating to the climate, temperature and the dizziness from the altitude, I was whisked away to the Sacred Valley of Peru to our retreat center - The Source Peru.  Words can not  - and I will state this again - CAN NOT - describe the immense amount of synchronistic recognition I felt and experienced while being at this transformative place.  Everywhere I looked, I was in awe of it's intentional beauty in design, layout and sacred spaces.  The retreat center itself is off the rickter Feng Shui.  If you know anything about ancient architecture and temples of Egypt, Southeast Asia and Central America - they built and used the energies of the earth to contain them all in a structure (likea pyramid) to harness and encourage powerful transformations of consciousness.  The ancient people were also intuitive aware of the solar systems, summer and winter solstices, spring and autumn equinoxes and built structures designed so that the sun would concentrate its full force on them during power phases.  The Source Peru, was one such design, where water flowed through the property, the temple space was designed with elevated spiritual consciousness and the grounds were covered in indigenous plants, flora and fauna.  It was a wonderland and I could have stayed forever.  Quietly walking around the grounds I was entranced into a different realm and reality all together.  My mind was allowed and given permission to find those pockets inside myself that I wished and longed for - a deeper connection to myself.  I slowly started to melt.  Ahhhhhh, that feeling, of being completely relaxed in your body, mind and soul and then allowed the space to explore different realities within's a dream.........As you can see, I was transfixed with my experience in Peru.  I was able to dive deep into the daily yoga and mediation practice offered,  eat amazing vegan fare, made fresh daily with ingredients from the garden, drink clean green juices and mushroom teas, while diving deep into philosophical texts and books in the library at leisure by the fireplace.  Did I mention heavenly?  Yes, this for me was heavenly, all the elements that I desired in a retreat, all within one experience.  Heaven on Earth.  May I remind you, that experiences like these don't come around often, in fact for many of us, we feel that we don't deserve it, or how can I take this much time away from my family and commitments?  The greatest gift you can give to yourself and your community and family is a healthy person - body, mind and soul.  We can not give, be present or offer, when our well is empty, our heart is broken, or our spirit is tired.  Giving yourself permission to take the sacred journey inward to replenish, renew, restore and rejuvenate.  This is a necessity - not a luxury.  Balance.....Listen to yourself, your heart, your intuition - let guidance show you the way.  Believe me, you won't find that kind of powerful inner knowing through textbooks, relationships, careers, money, or other pursuits.  It must come from within.  You must allow yourself the opportunity to surrender your ego, let go of your mind, and try something greater and bigger for yourself - your universal soul.  That is where true growth occurs, that is when we evolve and find inner peace.  I hope you will join us on this amazing retreat in November - Activating the Inner Goddess.  We have some crazy amazing retreat leaders and itinerary planned.  I promise you, it won't disappoint.  See you on the other side.....