Application - Myanmar (Burma) Yoga Seva Project 2018

Thank you for considering joining our team for this years Myanmar (Burma) Yoga Seva Project 2018. We are extremely humbled by this teaching opportunity. We take great care in all aspects of the work, including the team we build. This applications serves as a space for us to learn more about you, especially your experience and drives as a yoga teacher/practitioner. This is also a space for you to learn more about specific and important aspects of this teaching environment.

Questions are followed with descriptions to help you understand the context. Please leave this browser open until you receive a notification saying that your application has been submitted. We appreciate you taking your time to answer each question thoughtfully. (Please note that we have a limited number of people we can bring to the nunnery) 

*If you are applying as a non yoga teacher, please answer each question as best you can, elaborating on your intentions for joining the team.*

We look forward to learning more about you! Thank you!

Name *
We know that each person who has found this application has a strong pull to share their yoga teachings, .and/or to this nunnery community. Please share why and how you are drawn to this opportunity.
Please tell us about how long you have been teaching, what trainings you have completed, your experience, etc. If you are applying as a non yoga teacher, please share your relationship to yoga / meditation.
Joining the team includes participating in the daily meditations at the nunnery (2 to 4 hours, approx.)
There will be a translator present at each class. Throughout the week, we will be working closely with the translators to provide concise and safe instruction in each class.
Class sizes will vary. The retreat is organized with a ‘group’ teaching model: depending on your specific strengths and skills, we will assign you a ‘shift’ time and a rotation of roles. There will be 1 or 2 lead teachers for each class, and then various supporting roles in the room to support the teaching; mirroring asana, individual adjustments (without physical touch), etc. We would like every team-member to be comfortable with the lead teaching position.
We will strive to work from a set asana sequence for most of the classes. This is designed based on our previous experience with this community. Each practice will adapt to meet the room’s needs in each particular instance. There will be space and opportunity for creativity in instruction in some capacity, but we want to make sure that each team member understands prioritizing the set sequence.
As part of our orientation, we will have a cultural etiquette discussion that will carefully outline our expected and ideal behavior while at the nunnery. Some of these etiquettes include: Never bringing the foot over the head (ex: 3-legged dog), never touching someone on the head, bowing your head to elders, appropriate clothing, never facing the bottom of your feet to elders.
This sacred opportunity comes with restrictions on what can be publicized about the work (including through the internet and social media). This is a topic that will be discussed in depth during orientation. We require that each team member signs a contract outlining that they understand the rules and guidelines regarding publicizing the work. Like all aspects of this project, this contract is in place to protect the best interests of this community.
We love knowing how our work is reaching others!
We require a $150 non-refundable deposit following the applicant joining the team. By checking this box, you agree to the $150 deposit *
This deposit serves to both hold your space on the team, and support the project related expenses; shuttles, supplies, etc.
We ask that each team member offer a donation to the nunnery at the close of our stay, at least $150/per person. By checking this box, you agree to participate in this donation. *
This donation is made in an effort to help offset the expense of our accommodations

Traveling to Myanmar (Burma)

There are some things to consider when traveling to Myanmar (Burma), especially this time of year.  All of these topics will be covered in  depth upon joining the team officially, however we feel that the following details should be considered when pursuing this work:

  • Tourist Visa:  All team members will be required to obtain a Tourist Visa, which allows for 28 days of travel. The Visa takes 3-5 business days (on average) to process once the application is completed and submitted, and costs $50. Click here for more Myanmar (Burma) Visa info

  • Vaccinations: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommendations for vaccinations and medications to consider when traveling to this country. We encourage each traveler to engage in their own research, consult their physician, and execute the healthcare plan that is best suited for them personally.

  • Weather: April is a very HOT time of year. Temperatures average 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. We will be sleeping with AC units. The rooms that we will be teaching yoga are cooled by several fans (electricity surges are to be expected). Power surges with the electricity are to be expected.

  • Thingyan: Our travel coincides with the Thingyan celebration. During Thingyan, many businesses shut down in observance of the holiday. This makes it especially important to have all travel details and plans, before and after your time at the nunnery, carefully planned before arriving in country. We can offer advisement on how best to prepare.

  • Timeline: We urge that each team member arrive to Yangon at least 2 full days early, to allow for rest and adjustment to the time and climate change. Allowing yourself the necessary time and and measures prior to your stay at the nunnery is crucial to the work. We will also be organizing a team gathering in Yangon on April 10th, including a visit to the Shwedagon Pagoda .