Activating The Inner Goddess

In the Sacred Valley of Peru at The Source Retreat Center

Sacred Feminine Activation Nov 4-8 / Embracing the divine goddess Nov 8 - 12


Visionary Artwork by A. Andrew Gonzalez

Visionary Artwork by A. Andrew Gonzalez


Following a Full Moon on the 3rd of November we invite you on a magical journey into the sacred valley of Peru to invoke your Inner Goddess.  Join retreat leaders Katy, Carly and Marni as we explore sacred activation of the divine feminine through ceremony, connection, and ancient sacred pathways.

At this poignant time in our history, we are called to generate a visionary culture that supports the emergence of the Sacred Divine Feminine.  Can you feel the restlessness in your heart?  We thirst for our inner mystic, a deeper connection to Mother Earth, and our outer community.

During this retreat series we will explore how women from diverse cultures have participated in the mysteries of life; as daughters, mothers, grandmothers, priestesses, healers, dancers, and artists of many mediums.  

BY Opening a sacred space for exploration, we will support and cultivate a beautiful community to blossom with creativity, inner fire and love.


Your experience will include a variety of opportunities to dive deep into the inner work through daily practice, workshops and sacred ceremonies:

  • Daily movement and yoga practices (including Pranayama techniques)
  • Exploring yoga philosophy and the role (power) of female deities 
  • Guided meditations and visualizations 
  • Awakening the Human energy field through Crystals & Sound Healing
  • Working with medicinal flower, plants, and herbs.
  • Creative arts exploration and dance
  • Shamanic plant medicine ceremonies and mystical practices. Click here to learn more
  • Andean Sweat Lodge with herb and flower therapy
  • Yoni worship workshop and introduction to Tantra


We have designed 4 retreat options so that you may select and embrace the experience that you feel most called to! 

All prices are based on twin occupancy, a small number of private rooms are available on request for an additional cost. Early registration is advised as we have limited space.

* Early bird booking deadline of July 1st 2017 *

Sacred Feminine Activation

Nov 4 - Nov 8

Come and deep dive into an exploration of the many aspects of the divine feminine. Engage in this through ceremony, art, sound, yoga, meditation, sacred sexual practice, movement and Tantra. 

Early Bird Price: $1395      Regular Price: $1495

Embracing the divine Goddess

Nov 8 - Nov 12

Harnessing the feminine intelligence of the sacred Ayahuasca vine and the complementary energy of the Wachuma (San Pedro) cactus, we will be led in ceremonies by a family of Andean plant medicine workers. With the aid of these sacred visionary plants, we will build upon and deepen our connection to the divine Goddess / Gaia (Mother Earth - Goddess) while fully supported by a wonderful team of experience facilitators. 

Early Bird Price: $1695      Regular Price: $1795

Sacred feminine activation & Embracing the divine goddess

nov 4 - nov 12

A journey through 9 days of Self exploration, deepening into a series of sacred activation practices that will offer you the means to tap into your inner Goddess and harness the divine energy that is your true nature.  Combining both retreats will enable you to take a deeper dive into your essential and collective Self, reinforcing your bond with Gaia (Mother Earth - Goddess) and the wider universal energies.

Early Bird Price: $2795      Regular Price: $2895

sacred feminine activation & embracing the divine goddess (no plant-based medicine) 

Nov 4 - Nov 12

This retreat package is for those who wish to participate in the full 9 day retreat journey, and are not feeling called to engage with the Shamanic plant-based medicine ceremonies (Ayahuasca and Huachuma).  An alternative program will be available during scheduled plant ceremony times.

Early Bird Price: $2295      Regular Price: $2395


Questions? Contact Co-Retreat Leader, Carly Gaffey, at 

*To secure your participation we request a $500(USD) nonrefundable deposit, payable by clicking the link below:

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Enjoy a welcoming and nurturing space at the luxurious Source Retreat Center: . Visit The Source link to learn more about plant medicine, ceremonies, FAQ's, view photos of the space and temple, and learn more about trip preparation.